Anna Lapointe Conservation d'oeuvres d'art
anne lapointe conservation d'oeuvres d'art anne lapointe


Our Fields of Expertise: Painted Artworks

Traditional, Modern and Contemporary


  • Easel Paintings              on canvas or on panels (wood, fibre, metal)
  • Mural Paintings              on plaster, wood or marouflaged canvas
  • Architectural Finishes    on decorative architectural motifs, 2-D or 3-D, painted,                                           glazed, with gilding, stencils, " faux" finishes                                                  ("faux" wood and marble, etc.),"trompe-l'oeil", etc.                                                 
  • Painted/Gilded Frames  mouldings, applied ornamentation, sculpted wood
  • Painted/Gilded Objects  sculpted or moulded objects, decorative elements,                                          polychromed plaster, wood or stone


Our Services:

  • Examination, evaluation of cost, conservation treatments, planning and supervision for transportation / wrapping / installation / dismantling
  • Consultation, reports (written, graphic and photographic documentation), research on artists' materials and techniques
  • Sampling and preparation of requests for analysis by scientists of the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and appropriate scientific laboratories, in order to identify pigments, binding media, etc.
  • Collection Surveys, including Conservation planning, priorization, etc.
  • Recommendations for Preventive Conservation (environmental conditions, lighting, transportation, manipulation)
  • On-site architectural paint research, stratigraphic study, documentation for the reconstitution of original painted interiors in historic buildings
  • References may be provided for conservators, professionals and suppliers in complementary areas of specialization


Geographical areas:

We serve principally southern Quebec areas including Montreal, Laurentides, Eastern Townships, Outaouais, as well as the Ottawa region and eastern Ontario. Examinations and consultations can also be done outside these areas, under certain conditions.

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