Anna Lapointe Conservation d'oeuvres d'art
anne lapointe conservation d'oeuvres d'art anne lapointe

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Academic Training - Anne Lapointe 

Art Conservation:     Masters (M.A.C.), Queen's University

Art History:                 Masters (M.A.), University of Montreal

Fine Art (Studio):     Bachelor (B.F.A.), Concordia University                                            _____________________________________________________________________

Professional Experience - Anne Lapointe   


Throughout more than twenty years of practice in conservation, Anne Lapointe has developed competencies in several specialized areas at varying levels of responsibility, in Canada and in Europe.

Anne’s principal focus has been the treatment of easel paintings, wall paintings (murals) and architectural finishes. She has also acquired appreciable skill and experience in the treatment of frames (painted or gilded) and polychrome sculpture (plaster, wood or stone).

She is an accredited member of the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (ACRP/CAPC) in Conservation of Paintings, Mural paintings and Architectural Finishes. She is also a member of several national and international associations active in the field of art conservation.

Anne Lapointe has completed student internships and professional fellowships at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and at the National Gallery of Canada. She has worked as Conservator at the Centre de Conservation du Québec (CCQ) for six years including five years in the Paintings laboratory and one year with the Polychrome Sculpture team, participating in on-site conservation and documentation of a historical architectural interior (the Ursulines' Chapel in Quebec city).

Anne Lapointe has also worked in Switzerland and in France for nearly three years, principally as collaborator for the Ateliers CREPHART, first as an intern, then as Conservator of Wall Paintings, Painted Architectural Finishes and Monumental Polychrome Sculpture. Her experience included documentation and treatment of murals and monumental sculptures, painted in a variety of media (lime, casein, oil paint, true fresco) on diverse types of wall supports (lime, plaster, mortar, stone, marouflaged canvas). These included among others: projects at the Lausanne Cathedral, Chillon Castle, St-Gervais Temple and diagnostic studies in some Paris churches (St-Germain-des-Prés and St-Merry).

Anne Lapointe has worked in private practice in Montreal from 1999 to 2011, and has been heading her own Conservation studio since 2003.  As an independent contractor, she has treated easel paintings on canvas and wood supports, wall paintings, painted decorative interiors (architectural finishes), as well as frames, mouldings and sculptures (painted and gilded on wood and plaster).



For regular contracts, all conservation work is performed by Anne Lapointe.

Qualified technicians may be hired occasionally to assist on general studio or on-site manipulations, installations, materials preparation and maintenance, or for simple preventive or documentation tasks.

Qualified assistant conservators may be hired for long-term and large-scale projects.

All assistants perform their duties under Anne Lapointe's supervision.

Professionals from other fields or specialisations - architects, engineers, craftsmen, specialised technicians, conservators, scientists or historians - may be called to work as consultants or to execute specific tasks: modification to building infrastructures for preventive purpouses, reconstitution of partially destroyed sections in decorative interiors, conservation of decorative objects or furniture which may form an integral part of a painted interior, historical research, sample preparation and analysis, dating, attribution, etc.

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